Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do we Register?

Shover handles registration and enrollment via our online portal. Registration links well be posted on the home page as well as on our Facebook page.  Once enrolled, there will be other forms for you to fill out, including an immunization record. To learn more about Shover or to schedule a visit, please email us at or 218-736-3487.


What is a parent cooperative preschool?

Parents are the backbone of our school. Our parents are involved in every aspect of our school including helping with projects and fundraising efforts. Parental involvement in the class room helps a child build trust and awareness of the importance of learning while at school and at home.


How are varying needs/learning styles met?

At Shover, we are fortunate to have small classes with space to move and a wealth of materials to explore.  High quality early education programs are developed to incorporate activities that are open-ended (some teacher-directed and some child-directed) allowing each student to move through materials at a pace and extension level that helps them to reach optimal learning.  Quality programs also incorporate lessons that touch on various learning styles understanding that each of us takes in information differently.  Shover Nursery School teachers make an effort to provide a stimulating and creative environment in which your child will become more independent, confident, grow in their love of learning, and become more curious about the world around them.


How is Tuition Paid?

Tuition and program registration fees can be paid online using the Sandbox Portal or via envelopes sent home every month in the child's folder. Registration fees are due when you register your child. Tuition is due by the 15th of every month. Please note: DO NOT use the "donate" button to pay tuition or registration fees.


Where do I find School Closing/delay info?

Where can I find out about school closings? Closings due to inclement weather (follow ISD 544). We also use the REMIND app


Are there tuition discounts?

Yes! We are a parent-cooperative non-profit and offer tuition discounts for cleaning the school. Please see Miss Brandi for sign up as spaces are limited.