About Us

Claire Ann Shover Nursery School History

Claire Ann Shover was founded as a non-profit parent cooperative in 1934 and continues to operate as such today.  We are excited about the rich history that comes with being a part of Claire Ann Shover namely because the commitment to quality education for young children that began this legacy 83 years ago remains our top priority today.  We invite you to join us in our continued effort to make Shover Nursery School the bridge between home and your child’s academic career.  The preschool years are an exciting time.  We look forward to the opportunity and feel privileged to be able to help you in laying a solid foundation for early academic success for your child.

2019-20 Parent Board Members

Co-presidents/co-secretaries: Thea Rothmann & Katie Hove

Board Members: Jaime Price Anderson, Bekka Buchholz, Missy Hofland, Brett Jacobs, Naomi Schmid, Mark Webb